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Maiden Lane, San Francisco.

Maiden Lane, San Francisco.

10 Pictures

10 Pictures

I know how you Tumblrs love pretty pictures, so here is a new segment I am trying out. These are my 10 favorite pictures from the week. Enjoy.

Seeing Double

In the snapshot days of digital photography, it is easy to forget about the magic hidden in double exposure photography. Thankfully Dan Mountford is here to not so subtly remind us of their beauty. The 20-year-old artist is a graphic design student at Brighton University. While his photoshopped imitations of double exposures do lack the nostalgic authenticity of film, they are stunning in their own right. Mountfords blends the images in such a natural way, they look like they were made specifically for one and other.

Photo Fix: Aaron Feaver

Aaron Feaver might be Sophia Coppola’s long lost cousin. The LA— based photographer has a knack for capturing beautiful women who apparently aimlessly wonder hillsides decked out in flowy gowns and lace tops. His work is romantic, sunny and meticulously effortless; and will make you increasingly angry about all the cold, wet weather that has invaded California.

Day of Color

Last weekend Hindus celebrated Holi otherwise known as the Day of Color. During the festival participants throw vibrant powders at friends and strangers to celebrate Spring’s arrival. Apparently PETA thinks Holi takes place at Lincoln park during fashion week. Either way its awesome.

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