I love Marika Hackman, but this video makes me never want to eat again.

For the last episode of “Capsuled Collections” meet menswear designer Leslie Dilloway as she prepares her collection for the Spring Show.

ZZ Ward is a New Kind of Blue

Spending my college break in LA means a lot of driving. Driving means listening to the radio­–something I tend to forget about while living my pedestrian lifestyle back in the city by the bay. Usually it’s a tired mix of One Direction, Taylor Swift and maybe if I am lucky, a new One Direction single featuring Taylor Swift. But by some strange sequence of events, I was recentlyintroduced to a single titled, “Put the Gun Down.” The quick and steady drum beat had me immediately toe tapping but once the deep, raspy vocals of ZZ Ward came in I was hooked. This LA based, smoky eyed, fedora loving lady sounds a bit like a Joss Stone/Adele hybrid. Her debut album, Till the Casket Drops, offers a contemporary take on the blues that is entirely her own–a sort of hip-hop bluesy blend if you will. Her track “Cryin’ Wolf” featuring fellow LA artist, Kendrick Lamar serves as perfect example of this. You can see ZZ Ward from the couch on Conan this Thursday, January 10, 2013, or on your feet later this month when she kicks off her US tour with Delta Rae (another toe tapping band worth checking out).

Capsuled Collections: Meet Textile designer, Emily Marks in the second episode of Capsuled Collections. Click here for the Youtube link.

Capsuled Collections: Claudia Simoes. Here is a a peak into Claudia Simoes’ senior collection at the Academy of Art.

Cortney makes a stop motion video to The Shins “Little Boxes”

Meet Valencia Street’s concept store, Viracocha and the shop owner, Jonathan Siegel. Click here for the youtube link.

A MUNI Breakdown

I brought my car up to San Francisco from LA once. I left it a block away from my apartment on Bush and Leavenworth for an hour and my poor little periwinkle Scion had been kidnapped and towed away to SFMTA jail. It’s bail: $400. However, there was a nice note left for me on my windshield–oh wait, that wasn’t a note–it was an $80 ticket. My car now resides permanently in my parent’s driveway in sunny So Cal, leaving me with good ole’ public transportation. And although your bus might decide to show up a half and hour late when it has sporadically started to rain or when you’ve just received a text from your buddy telling you your dream girl is at the bar across town, there is one thing you can always count on when it comes to San Francisco transportation–entertainment. But like TV channels, you can expect something different from each line. Consider this your guide to a few of the major networks when it comes to the San Francisco MUNI…

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A little video I made recently for class. Click here for the YouTube link.


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